7 Holyrood Street London SE1 2EL
Office building
11,400 sq ft
Six units
Converted tea-packing warehouse
Next to London Bridge and More London. Close to “Shard of Glass”

1 Albemarle Way London EC1V 4JB
Office building
1,600 sq ft
Self contained
Converted watch-making factory
Close to Clerkenwell Green and St John Street
5/6 Holyrood Street London SE1 2EL
Mixed use commercial and residential development
Ground floor 1,000 sq ft office
Eleven flats on five floors above
Five 2 bed, five 1 bed, one 3 bed flats
Completion 2011

In The Marketplace (London) Limited, 64 Ellerby Street, London SW6 6EZ. Click here to contact